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Tamiya Modeling Brush HG II Pointed Brush (Small)

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In addition to flat brushes (Items 87213, 87214 and 87215), Tamiya is delighted to announce updated versions of Tamiya Modeling Brush HG Pointed Brush (Ultra Fine: Item 87153, Extra Fine: Item 87154, Fine: Item 87155 and Small: Item 87156) with the following update - solvent-resistant plastic grip with a small tab to keep the brush from rolling away.

Item Contents/Information

• These pointed brushes feature high quality, very fine PBT resin bristles - slightly stiff and durable - for precision painting job.

• Their handy grips are crafted in solvent-resistant plastic and have laser-engraved letters “TAMIYA MODELING BRUSH HG II,” plus the size (in Japanese).

• Their grip-ends have a small tab to prevent rolling and damaging of bristles, and it can be cut off using side cutters if not needed.

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