PE 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

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Designed or the Zvesda Kit, but most parts will also be applicable for the Trumpeter version.

Contains: Fret A, Stock 3-Bar Safety Railings, Stock 2-Bar Safety Railings, Railings (Main Deck Aft), Railings (Foretop Lower Platform), Railings (Main Deck Forward), Railings (Compass Platform 1907), Railings (Compass Platform 1915), WT Aerial Screens, Railings (Foc’sle), Railings (Forward Superstructure Deck), Railings (Admiral's Sea Cabin Roof), Railings (Bridge), Railings (Admiral's Walk Inner), Railings (Admiral's Walk Outer), Railing (Mainmast Searchlight Platform), Railing (Signal Tower Platform), Railing (Aft Superstructure Searchlight Platform), Foremast Mid Spar Footropes, Funnel Steaming Light Bracket, Foremast Lower Spar Footropes, Navigation Platform, Foremast Top Array, Main Turret 12-Pounder Platforms, Stern Platform (Early), Stern Platform (Late), Fore Funnel Siren Platform, Sea Boat Boarding Ladders, Midships 12-Pounder Access Ladders, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Main Crane Boom Pulley, Main Crane Mast Pulleys, Pulley Wheel Spacers, Crane Hooks, Pre-set Crane Rigging (Stowed Position), Main Turret Front Ladders, Inclined Ladder (Part C7), .Torpedo Net Tops (Deployed), Inclined Ladders (Parts C5), Inclined Ladders (Short), Inclined Ladder (Part C1), Inclined Ladders (Parts D40 & D41), Compass Platform Awning Stanchions, Mainmast Spar Footropes, Anchor Chain Races, Fore Funnel Cap Grille, Aft Funnel Cap Grille, 12-Pounder Gun Details, Stock Vertical Ladders, Coaling Hatches; Fret B, Boat Davit Rigging, Torpedo Net Shelf (Port Aft), Torpedo Net Shelf (Starboard Aft), Torpdeo Net Davits, Night Life Buoys, Night Life Buoy Racks, Ship's Cats, Gun Room Galley Skylight Hatch, Admiral's Shelter Bulkheds (1907), Chart House Bulkheads, Foremast Top Lower Platform Support, Mainmast Top Canopy Frames, Foremast Top Canopy Frames, Torpedo Net Shelf (Port Forward), Torpedo Net Shelf (Starboard Forward), Admiral's Sea Cabin Roof (1915), Ship's Wheel (Part C21 Replacement), Admiral's Sea Cabin Bulkheads (1915), Ship's Stern Name Letters, Chart House Door, Bridge Planked Deck Plate, Admiral's Cabin Doors, Bridge Front Panels, Compass Platform Planked Deck (1907), Loading Davits, Forward Boat Deck (1915), Foremast Starfish (1915), Mainmast Starfish, Foremast Starfish Parts (1907), Mast Tripod Searchlight Platforms (1915), Mast Tripod Searchlight Platform Supports, 45’ Steam Pinnace Propellers, 40’ Admiral's Barge Propellers, 45’ Steam Pinnace Wheels, Signalling Platform Ladder, Signalling Platform Supports, Signalling Platform (Parts C54, C57 and C58), 32’ Galley Thwarts and Rudder, 30’ Gig Thwarts and Rudder, 16’ Dinghy Thwarts and Rudder, 32’ Cutter Thwarts and Rudder, 27’ Whaler Thwarts and Rudder, .Engine Room Vent Hatches, Compass Platform Planked Deck (1915), Compass Platform Grated  Foot Boards, Wardroom Skylights and Hatch Covers, Stern Torpedo Loading Hatch, Steaming Light Frame (Later Fits), Wardroom Pantry Skylights and Hatches, Gun Room Skylights and Hatches, Access Hatches (Small), Open Boat Oars, Sick Bay Skylights and Hatches, X Turret Deck Skylights and Hatches, Medium Access Hatches, Superstructure Side Skylights and Hatches, Large Ladderway Hatches (Long Opening), Large Ladderway Hatches (Side Opening), Medium Ladderway Hatches (Side Opening), Medium Ladderway Hatches (Long Opening), Ammunition Locker Hatches, Small Vent Hatches, Loading Hatches, Washdeck Locker Hatches, Watertight Doors (Closed), Watertight Doors (Open Assembly), Double Doors, Anchor Chain,  Anchor Chain Screw Stoppers

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